Meet Thomas

Dr. Thomas Wiens is a psychologist and management consultant who provides counselling, coaching, and corporate consulting services to help people and organizations overcome challenges and perform at their best.

Some examples of this include assisting clients in the midst of stressful situations, career or other life transitions, relationship challenges as well as various other difficulties that lead people to struggle with depression, anxiety, or frustration and anger.  He also works with individuals who want to increase their effectiveness at school or work, in leadership capacities, as well as in relational or other personal domains.

Dr. Wiens has experience working with a wide variety of individuals and circumstances, ranging from people in the hospital with significant mental health challenges to high-functioning executives. He has worked with individuals in various public and private clinical settings, including in rehabilitation settings assisting individuals to overcome barriers and successfully return to work.


He also assists organizations and leadership teams with evaluating talent, selecting and developing their leaders, and creating engaged and high-performing teams.  He previously worked with a leading management consulting firm of corporate psychologists where his clients included business professionals and managers from small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations across various industries.  In this capacity, he has assisted leaders in their personal and professional development as well as advised managers on key hiring and promotion decisions.  He also has used people analytics to develop customized hiring systems and provide in-depth career planning assessments.


Dr. Wiens earned his MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of British Columbia and also holds an Honours BA in psychology.  He has published in several scientific journals and his doctoral research focused on leadership and the types of negative and stress-related behavioural patterns (the so-called ‘dark side’ of personality) that can impair people’s workplace performance and contribute to relational and personal difficulties. 


Dr. Wiens is a Registered Psychologist (#2440) in the province of British Columbia.


In his spare time, Dr. Wiens enjoys working out, mountain biking, books and podcasts (especially about business, psychology, and leadership) and in general leading an active lifestyle.  He is married with two daughters and a son and enjoys spending time with family and friends. He also loves getting to know new people, hearing their stories, and seeing them succeed.  

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