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Equipping people and organizations to overcome challenges and perform at their best

Dr. Wiens is accepting new clients.

Psychological and consulting services that are practical, results-oriented, and grounded in science



Consulting to business

Here’s what you can expect


Explore your challenges and goals in a supportive, confidential, and professional environment.

Understand the patterns that keep you stuck or limit growth and find ways to overcome them.


Get equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle difficulties and make forward progress.

Develop skills and strategies to face obstacles, be more effective, and create lasting change.


Be empowered to take action, make tangible changes, and get results.



Gain the self-confidence to overcome challenges, achieve goals, and be at your best.

Let’s get started

Schedule an appointment through our online booking below or email Dr. Wiens if you have any questions or would like a no-charge 15-minute introductory meeting.